Our firm has been founded in 2005. Founders and employees already had wide experience of work both in the food industry and in service of the food equipment. The import of the high-quality equipment for the meat industry became the main objective. Later the range of the delivered equipment has extended towards other branches of the food industry, in particular to dairy. In 12 years we have sold and installed a lot of the equipment. As a rule we worked /and we continue to work/ with the leading European producers.

We make a promotion for the following trademarks in Ukraine: CATO, OGALSA, LUTETIA, LAGARDE, HIGEL, FREY, KS, EKOMEX, KMTECH, RUHLE, MHS, GERMOS, and others.

Our main efforts are still directed to wide sector of processing of meat: from slaughter of pigs or cattle to packing of ready products.

Naturally, we are ready to cooperation with producers of the high-quality food equipment for the general work in the market of Ukraine.